There is a high demand for qualified personal trainers across Mayo Quebec and the job opportunities will continue to rise for the foreseeable future. However, obtaining a four-year personal trainer certification can be a difficult experience for many given the time commitment involved. For those who have been looking for an alternative to the traditional route of certification, NESTA offers a potential answer.

What is NESTA?
Since 1992, the National Exercise & Sports Trainers Association (NESTA) has offered an NCAA accredited four year personal trainer certification that is less expensive that going the traditional college or university route. The program offers a potential inroad into the fitness and coaching industries while also offering marketing and general business strategies that is designed to help those who are seeking self-employment opportunities the information needed to support themselves.
NESTA also promises to deliver the latest scientific information so that during your training in order to be up to speed when you earn your certification.


Mayo Quebec fitness schools offfering career training in health, fintess,wellness and nutrition.

What Makes NESTA Unique?
There are a number of differences between NESTA and the traditional higher education experience when it comes to earning certification for personal training. The most obvious difference is that NESTA is a singular organization and not part of a traditional NCAA college or university. Instead, the program itself is self contained, although there are sister schools that offer courses and certification in specialty areas.

Widespread Acceptance: A certification from NESTA is currently used by over 55,000 of their graduates in over 50 countries. Since 1992, NESTA has been highly regarded for the program and certification that they offer.

Turn-Key Business System: One of the most unique aspects of the training that NESTA offer s is their many different turn-key fitness and coaching business systems that are designed to help you get started in running your own business. While many personal trainers work for larger organizations, you can use the information to start your own business if you so desire.
Sister Schools: There are three sister schools associated with NESTA which offer specialty training and certificates for particular areas of study. They include the following;
-    Spencer Institute: A number of certifications which include Corporate Wellness Coaching, Holistic Life Coaching, Life Strategies Coaching, and more.
-    ITCA: The International Triathlon Coaching Association offers a certification program for triathlon coaches.
-    MMA Conditioning Association: Here, you can become a certified MMA Conditioning Coach and train athletes in various sports such as UFC, Jiu Jitsu, MMA, and more.
Why People Choose NESTA?
There are a number of reasons why people choose this organization as the means to earn physical training certification. The most important reason may be the fact that you can learn at home thanks to the courses provided by the company. There are a number of excellent programs that include information such as the following;
-    Over 10 Hours of Video Training
-    Interactive Digital Manual
-    PDF Note Packets
-    Audio Lessons and more
All of this information is sent over the internet to you and the cost for completing the course is a fraction compared to going the traditional route. So, for those who are looking to get certified in personal training, NESTA offers a low-cost, highly respected alternative.

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